Single shaft mixers MA Series

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  • MA SERIES COMPULSORY MIXERS¬†with two counter-flow zone mixing system; the two mixer
    spirals with opposite inclination generate two horizontal motions with turbolence on the central area. For the composition of the above horizontal with the vertical motion due to the shaft and paddles rotation, the material to be mixed is moved quickly and it is turned around in an intensive way.

    All the mix is thus in continuos motion, ensuring a faster homogenization, in the SHORTEST TIME.
    The vertical and horizontal motions prevent any segregation wich takes place on vertical mixer for the centrifugal effect due to the different volumes of the aggregates and for the floating of the light weight materials.

    Any way, normal and light weight concretes (expanded concrete, polystirene or expanded clay concrete) as well fine sand mixtures can be made with MA mixers.

    MA mixers can serve ready mixers concrete factories, pre-cast concrete plants, dam and roads plants; they can homogeneously mix fine or big, round or crushed materials.

    MIXING PADDLES IN HARDENEED STEEL, with high hardeness and wear resistance. EASY INTERCHANGEABLE LINING in antiwear steel and optional in hardened steel tiles.

    SKIP BUCKET bottom emptyng. Single layer drum and large diameter of drum and idle pulley:

    LONG LIFE for the rope!
    High upward and downward lifting speed in order to have the mixing supply ready when the machine discharges the previous mixing.
    Water spray device. Cover with double inspection flaps and double port-hole with protective wire net; on the skip version a cover closes automatically the loading hole. Covers and protections in accordance with the accident prevention regulations.

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