Twin shaft batch mixers MB Series

Compulsory mixers with twin counter-rotating synchronized shaft

The mixing arms and paddles counterrotating effect an intense turbolence on the overlappping zone: by this way cement is disintegrated and finely distribuited among the aggregates.

In addition to the vertical-transversal action the arms and paddles shape generates an horizontal peripherical ring motion with perfect homogenization of all components, in the shortest time.

The twin shaft mixer is the best mixer to make any kind of concrete: heavy and normal weight (ready-mix, precast, RCC) or light weight one.

It prevents any possibility of segregation which instead takes place on the vertical mixers for the centrifugal effect due to the different mass of aggregates and for floating of light weight aggregates. It can homogeneously mix small or big, round or crushed materials.

THE DISCHARGE DOOR can be opened either on the right or left side in respect to the closed position: it is therefore possibile to convey concrete to two different points without distributor belt conveyor or deviating device.

The door is fully open on the machine length: QUICK DISCHARGE without stratification for rolling of round materials.

WEARPROOF mixing paddles and vat linings in High Chromium Cast Iron with very high hardeness and very long service life.

SKIP BUCKET bottom emptyng type. Double growed drum and n.2 independent hoisting ropes.

High upward and downward lifting speed in order to have the aggregates charge ready when the mixer is discharging the previous mixing.
Mixing water ditributor pipes and sprayer devices.

Heightened cover with access and inspection flaps protected by safety mechanical interlocks with key transfer system.

We are a long experienced twin shaft concrete mixers manufacturer.
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Download Standard load MB pdf file