CMRC – Waste Concrete Recycling Plants

There are different types of waste concrete recycling plants and each one has critical issues that we believe to have completely solved by CMRC solution proposed here by CM. By CMRC technology we have a first stage consisting of a powerful vibrating sieve which completely separates and washes the aggregates discharging them onto a belt […]

CMAC2 – Concrete Batching Plants Accessories

Together with the line of mixers we produce, we supply devices, accessories and spare parts on a daily basis for all possible types of batching plants, both for ReadyMix and PreCast. Normally we are asked to take advantage of our knowledge of the sector to identify new or replacement components and to offer on best […]

CMAC1 – Mixers Accessories

Together with all types of mixers, our company has designed over the years and is able to supply a whole series of accessories which complement and assist the modern concrete pre-mixing industry. Most of them are technical components that are directly fixed to the mixer so as not to have to resort to costly and […]

SKIP – for aggregate lifting

Each type of our mixers can be supplied with the SKIP aggregate lifting system and automatic opening of the aggregate entrance door into the mixing tank. For all sizes, the lifting system is performed with a double-wrapped grooved drum and a pulling system with 2 independent ropes. With this technology, the risk of the bucket […]

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